#AdvocacyIdea: A Walkable Winter

Exciting news for the Portland and Russell neighborhoods, courtesy of Louisville Metro Public Works:

Public Works’ description of roadwork planned for W Market St later this summer

We’d love to see something similar on the Oak/Winter corridor that connects the Highlands to Germantown. This area could be incredibly walkable, considering the residential density and proximity to the Baxter/Bardstown commercial corridor. Unfortunately, due to the narrow sidewalks, parking restrictions induce speeding, and lack of tree canopy, this short stretch shuns would-be pedestrians. Tree-lined sidewalks buffered by a row of parked cars are great for walkability along busy streets — just check out what they’ve done for Cherokee Rd.

We would love to work with Louisville Grows and/or Louisville MSD, as well as Metro Council and Louisville Metro Public Works to see this corridor enhanced.

Winter Ave at Rubel Ave

We’d also love to see this kind of investment (say, $800k/year) for two-way street conversions. Our downtown and urban neighborhoods are beleaguered by an antiquated one-way street network. With modest, dedicated funding for this problem, we could have the one-way network flipped in a decade.

One-way street pairs that are maintained by Metro Government

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