After looking back at the wins (and losses) from 2017, we wanted to provide a list of opportunities for the year ahead. While it’s tempting to create a list that includes “Open the K&I Bridge” and “Two-way all the one-way roads”, we wanted to focus on attainable projects for this year.

What we came up with was a list of 15 suggested projects — each of which could be implemented this year based on existing funding resources and a realistic amount of political will on the part of our city leaders. Each is a project that we at B4L believe would be a truly safe, convenient facility for people on foot and on bike, as we continue to try to build a network of viable multimodal travel options for the people of Louisville.

To share these 15 project suggestions, we have situated them on a StoryMap — complete with pictures, maps, example facilities, and diagrams:

We welcome your feedback in the comments below.

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